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Chimney Cleaning & Chimney Repair

When You Need A Chimney Sweep: Chimney Cleaning & Chimney Repair

Chimney Sweep Cleaning a ChimneyAnnual chimney cleaning is recommended if you are burning wood in your fireplace. At varying rates, creosote builds up depending on the species of wood burned, whether it is cured and the unique qualities of your chimney. To ensure the best chimney cleaning and chimney repair in Madison, WI, an experienced Chimney Sweep is required because each chimney needing cleaning or repair is unique.

Chimney inspection is also important if you have a gas fireplace, because all chimneys in Madison, WI, are exposed to extreme conditions and the elements when heated in use and then when cooling afterwards. Chimney inspections are needed to identify required chimney repairs. Even with gas fireplaces, chimney inspections every two years are highly recommended to make sure the systems are venting properly and to ensure there are no cracks, deterioration or blockages causing hazardous gas to back up into your home.

What To Expect From Your Hansen & Sons Chimney Repair Technician

  1. When a Hanson & Sons chimney sweep/technician arrives he will perform a preliminary chimney safety inspection to determine if your chimney needs cleaning.
  2. Then he will make sure your system in proper working order, the chimney is structurally sound, there are no cracks, clogs, deterioration, or safety hazards. Further inspections include the smoke chamber and the damper, the ash dump and pipes of the furnace.
  3. A rooftop inspection is completed to check the upper condition of the chimney, examining the mortar joints and the inside of the flue. He will check the flashing, concrete and/or chimney cap.
  4. A video scan will be done so the status of the inside your chimney can be determined.
  5. If the chimney is ready for a cleaning (and you want it cleaned), he will use tarps and setup a sweep vacuum at the bottom of the chimney to collect the dust and debris… Hansen & Sons offers a ‘No Mess Guarantee’.
  6. If you need a chimney cap or a minor repair, our technician will usually be able to repair it at the time of the cleaning.

Protecting Your Home & Family: Chimney Cleaning & Chimney Repair

Hansen & Sons Chimney Repair specializes in chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, chimney repair and chimney rebuilding in Madison, WI. We also provide related repair services including chimney relining, chimney flashing repair, chimney cap and damper service and replacement.

Our Chimney Technicians are trained and certified in the most advanced chimney inspection and detection techniques. Chimney repairs are needed because regular use, the elements, age, and animals can combine to cause hazardous situations for your family. Hansen & Sons professionals clean chimneys and repair chimneys with damage and help protect them with advanced chimney sweep techniques.

Hansen & Sons has Chimney Repair & Chimney Cleaning Experts

Whether you burn wood or gas, have a tradition brick or other type of chimney, we have expert chimney repair and chimney cleaning services, ensuring the safety of your home or office.

Please contact Hansen & Sons Chimney Repair at (608) 466-4185 if you have any chimney questions so we can provide you with professional chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, chimney repair and chimney rebuilding services.

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